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Takeji Asano Japanese Woodblock Prints


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    Hello,I have a 10 in.x15 in.painting of this and would like to know the value of it.It belonged to my inlaws.Thank you for your time


      Due to the way the gallery software works I can’t tell which woodblock print you are referring so if you let me know the title I’ll have a look at what pricing it achieves.


    I have 2 prints of Takeji Asano’s work. The first is “Rain at Sanjyusangendo Temple, Kyoto”, the second is Drizzling Rain in Ukimodo. My in-laws picked these up in Japan in the early 60’s. How might I tell what edition they are? What might they be worth?


      Hi Allyson,
      I’m not a valuer/appraiser so can’t give you a valuation of those prints. If they are date stamped early editions which being from the 60’s they may be then I’ve seen them sell from around $175 up to $300 at auction and at a web gallery around $300-350. If they are not date stamped then they’d sell for less.

      Early date stamped editions have three seals in the left or right margin and below them a sequence of Japanese kanji characters (the date). You’re welcome to send me a photo of the prints using the contact us page – http://japaneseartsgallery.com/contact-us/ if you wish.

      Regards, Mike

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